City To Remove Unsanctioned Bike Trail At Little River Corridor Park

Monday March 29th, 2021

Posted at 4:10pm


The City of Windsor is set to remove an unsanctioned off-road bike trail created in an environmentally sensitive natural area of Little River Corridor Park this week.

City Council voted Monday to remove the structures to ensure continued public safety and protect taxpayers from liability.

“We understand cycling enthusiasts have the best of intentions when they build these trails, but these trails are not designed or engineered in accordance with industry best practices, and the members of the community are not authorized to ensure safe infrastructure is built,” said Senior Parks Manager James Chacko. “In this case, the layout, ramps, culverts and materials used could easily lead to unanticipated injuries, and, as park owner, the City has to head off potential liability by acting.”

The City asks residents to make use of the many miles of sanctioned trails throughout our region instead.

For off-road cycling enthusiasts specifically, the City worked with members of the International Mountain Bicycling Association to create beginner and intermediate tracks at Malden Park and Little River Corridor Park in 2020 and will begin the final phase of the Malden Park tracks this year with the installation of an advanced uphill and downhill track course.

An engineered pump track course will be built in another area of Little River Corridor Park later this year as well.

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