Standoff In West Windsor Ends

Monday March 23rd, 2020

Posted at 11:03am


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Last updated: Monday March 23rd, 1:11pm

A standoff in West Windsor has come to an end.

Police say that around 7:15pm on Sunday, March 22nd, 2020 they were called to a residence located in the 1300 block of Rooney Street for a report of disturbance taking place inside the residence.

Officers spoke with some witnesses who had been inside the residence.

A subject adult male was inside the residence and refusing to come out.

Further information received was that the male may be in possession of a weapon.

The residence was a multi-unit building, and the occupants from the other units were evacuated for their safety.

Officers were able to communicate with the subject male, who continued to refuse to exit the involved unit.

Police say that it was determined that the subject had committed a number of criminal offences including assault and uttering threats.

The scene was contained and a perimeter of the area was set up to protect the public and anyone inside the residence.

Officers continued communication with the subject but he refused to exit the residence.

Throughout the night the subject refused to exit the involved residence.

Police requested the assistance of the Ontario Provincial Police, who agreed to send a relief Tactics and Rescue Unit (TRU) to assist. The OPP assistance was requested to allow Windsor Police officers to have appropriate rest and downtime as they had been active on scene for an extended period of time.

On Monday, March 23rd, 2020 shortly after 8am the OPP team arrived and set up operations. An OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT), K-9 Unit and Crisis Negotiators are also on scene.

Police say around 12:30pm Monday, the involved male suspect was arrested without incident.

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